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The websites we create at Web Design Studio of not only look great; they are also built to adhere to all of the latest industry standards and guidelines for website usability.

Building our sites with accessibility in mind, we include as much real text as possible to help users with screen readers and impaired vision experience the same view as those without.

We also label every image with appropriate ALT tags, and lay the HTML coding out in an easy to understand manner, so screen readers can access the content in the correct order. We believe everyone should have the same online experience regardless of their unique requirements.

mouseHere at Design Website we consider ourselves at the forefront of web development and are dedicated to building all of our sites to the latest standards.

This includes W3C compliantsemantic coding on all of our websites, as well as clean and efficient coding which helps improve page-loading times and provides a seamless online experience.

With so many Internet Browsers out there, it is vital that your website performs and displays correctly in all of them. If this isn't the case, you are alienating customers and thus missing out on potential sales.

Every website we create is thoroughly tested in all the major browsers, to ensure compatibility regardless of whether the user is on a brand new Mac computer, or a 15 year old PC.

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