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seo-blocksWith the steady demise of printed media and the constant evolution of the Internet, having a successful website has never been a more important marketing tool.

Of course it takes more than an interesting design to succeed online. Fortunately, investing in SEO from Design Website can help your website reach thousands of people a day.

A website is a tool to attract customers and convince them through text, images, video and media as to why you're the business to choose.

A website allows you to provide concise and technical knowledge in additional documents, for those customers keen to do thorough research before making a decision on which business to choose.

There are two types of SEO; Organic and Pay Per Click. We specialise in organic SEO, which is the process of strengthening websites so that they rank highly in the search results. We do provide Pay Per Click campaigns, though we consider this a short-term option and not the most cost effective option for our clients.


We have been developing and evolving our SEO skills for over 5 years. As the major search engines are constantly evolving their algorithms, our dedicated SEO team are always researching and adapting their approach.

In fact, we have so much faith in our SEO services that you won't be asked to sign a contract; we know that we can do for your business works. If you disagree, you can simply walk away!

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