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The design of a website is fundamental towards attracting the correct target audience. Whilst being bespoke and individual in style, Web Design Studio of always offer a solution that is both relevant and appropriate in design, to allow an instant recognition of content genre.

Our workflow is simple and accommodating to allow the very best experience for all our clients. Our processes towards designing and developing a site are organised and well structured. We begin with a sketched, wire-frame version before moving onto a homepage mock-up, designed to demonstrate a style and layout that best represents the business requirements.

The initial website design is then presented, discussed and refined accordingly before being signed off, coded and set live.

Our web designers work with the very latest, industry standard authoring tools. All of our design teams are trained and experienced with Adobe’s powerful Creative Suite which includes programmes such as:

photoshop Adobe Photoshop dreamweaver Adobe Dreamweaver
flash Adobe Flash illustrator Adobe Illustrator
inDesign Adobe InDesign fireworks Adobe Fireworks

By sharing designs, ideas and inspiration, we have developed a dynamic design team who passionately produce websites in a creative environment.

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